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More about Dr Devika Bhushan

Devika Bhushan, MD, is a pediatrician, public health leader, and writer on a mission to drive health innovation, equity, and resilience. As California’s Acting Surgeon General and the Office’s inaugural Chief Health Officer, Dr Bhushan was a key public health spokesperson, advisor to the California Governor, and led policy and practice innovation at a statewide level.

Dr Bhushan’s policy, research, and clinical expertise spans trauma-informed systems, stress and resilience, mental health, and gender and health equity. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and her work has been featured in The LancetPediatrics, National Public Radio (NPR), The Los Angeles Times, and Healthy Children. She trained at Harvard Medical School (MD, Cum Laude), Johns Hopkins (pediatrics residency), and Columbia (BA in Neuroscience and Behavior, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa).

Dr Bhushan serves on Stanford’s adjunct faculty and as a senior advisor to entities that aim to advance health, innovation, and equity. These include GreyMatter, a venture capital fund dedicated to mental health innovation; the California Council of County Behavioral Health Agencies, advocating for improved behavioral health; and Health Management Associates, focused on health policy and strategy. She serves on the national Board of Directors for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI, the nation’s leading mental health advocacy organization) and the California Partners Project (focused on gender equity and child well-being).

Dr Bhushan is an award-winning mental health activist: she has publicly shared her own journey with bipolar disorder and launched a vibrant storytelling and well-being platform through a newsletter and YouTube channel/podcast.

Having spent her early years between the Philippines, India, and the United States, Dr Bhushan is an immigrant and a first-generation American. She lives in San Francisco with her long-time partner and their son; they are also frequently on the road together.


“I’m touched by both your kindness and your passion, and inspired by your example. I feel the world is making progress every time I hear from you!” -Robert Ribciuc, businessperson, parent, person with lived experience

“This is… what I needed today.” -Vickee Boyd, writer, mother, partner, artist, person with lived experience

“3 weeks later and this op-ed about living with bipolar disorder from [Dr Devika Bhushan] is still filling me with joy and purpose. Some pieces of writing you never forget — they become part of the fuel that moves you through each day. I think this is one of them.” -Ari Bloomekatz, Executive Editor of In These Times

“Dr Devika — I thoroughly enjoyed and totally absorbed your mental health tips. I felt that you were speaking to me. I’m going to work on them all, because you wrote in such a thoughtful way.” -Cheri Weiss Raimondi, person with lived experience

“This amazing human being is the real deal: empathic, heart-centered, and wise. Thank you so much, Dr Devika Bhushan, for being your authentic self and the leader we all need.” - Emily Williams, CEO, ACEs Aware Family Resilience Network

“From your earliest moments as an intern [physician], I knew you were meant to do amazing things. How incredible to watch you serve truly as a beacon of hope for so many. This… will save lives.” -Dr Deanna Wilson, adolescent and addiction physician, researcher, and educator

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A vibrant newsletter community by pediatrician and former Acting California Surgeon General, Dr Devika Bhushan, to share actionable and evidence-based insights for well-being — while centering lived experience, equity, and cross-cultural nuances


Dr Devika Bhushan

Pediatrician, public health leader, former Acting Surgeon General of California, mental health activist, Indian immigrant to the US, TCK, feminist, nomad, parent. Words in NPR, Slate, LA Times, The Lancet, Pediatrics.